Accompaniment generator for MuseScore, something like Band-In-A-Box, auto-magically powered by MMA Musical Midi Accompaniment.

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Styles available in MMA

Below are the stock styles in MMA. To use one for a portion of a score in BandInMuseScore simply create a Staff Text (CTRL+T) on any note or rest, and write groove <groovename> in it.

Grooves from standard librairy

By Bob van der Poel. These library files are presented as a proof-of-concept. A number are sounding quite good, but many still need much more work to make them “musical”.

Many of them were developed by listening carefully to the auto-accomp on his Casio keyboard and then manually re-creating.

File Groove name Description
./stdlib/ MellowJazz A slow, steady beat.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzPlus Add in some random piano notes.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzSus Add strings to the mix.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzSusPlus Solo piano and strings.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzFill A one bar fill.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ MellowJazzEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ SlowBlues Simple guitar chords.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesFill Full chord plus argeggio for fills.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesFill1 Same as Fill but with straight 8ths.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesFill2 Full chord plus scale for fills.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesFill3 Same as fill2 but with straight 8ths.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesSus Our simple blues with the choir added.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesWalk4 Same as SlowBlues but with \
./stdlib/ SlowBluesWalk4Sus Choir added to Walk4.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesWalk8 Same as SlowBlues but with a strong eight \
./stdlib/ SlowBluesWalk8Sus Choir added to Walk8.
./stdlib/ SlowBlues12Triple Triplets on beats 1,2.
./stdlib/ SlowBlues34Triple Triplets on beats 3,4.
./stdlib/ SlowBlues4Triple Triplets on beats 1,2,3 and 4.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesIntro Standard 4 bar introduction with walking bass on 4th bar.
./stdlib/ SlowBluesEnd Quite a dull ending. The High Hats play 16 \
./stdlib/ Jive A simple jive-dance beat.
./stdlib/ JiveClap Adds a handclap to the Jive beat, mostly on 2 and 4.
./stdlib/ JiveSus Harmonic strings added.
./stdlib/ JiveClapSus Sustained strings with handclaps.
./stdlib/ JivePlus Add some additional arpeggios.
./stdlib/ JiveSusPlus Arpeggios plus strings.
./stdlib/ Jive1 Our jive-dance with less shuffle.
./stdlib/ Jive1Clap Handclap added to Jive1 beat.
./stdlib/ Jive1Sus Harmonic strings added.
./stdlib/ Jive1ClapSus Sustained strings with handclaps.
./stdlib/ Jive1Plus The un-push version with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Jive1SusPlus No push with strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ JiveIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ JiveIntro2 Alternate, busier, 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ JiveIntro8 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ JiveEnd This 2 bar ending has 4 beats/hits on the first bar \
./stdlib/ FolkRock Basic Mama/Papa rock style.
./stdlib/ FolkRockPlus Our basic style with added piano stuff
./stdlib/ FolkRockSus Add in some synthesized voices.
./stdlib/ FolkRockSusPlus Piano fills and voices.
./stdlib/ FolkRockFill A noisy, one bar fill.
./stdlib/ FolkRockIntro Simple four bar intro.
./stdlib/ FolkRockEnd A 2 bar ending
./stdlib/ Softshoe Nice little dance beat with shuffles on bar 3 and 4.
./stdlib/ SoftShoePlus Add a cool clarinet.
./stdlib/ SoftShoeSus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ SoftShoeSusPlus Add the cool clarinet and strings.
./stdlib/ SoftShoeIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SoftShoeIntro8 Same intro over 8 bars.
./stdlib/ SoftShoeEnd 2 bar ending with nice walk on first bar.
./stdlib/ NiteJazz Our basic sultry beat.
./stdlib/ NiteJazzSus Add in some strings
./stdlib/ NiteJazzPlus Add in some jazz guitar picking.
./stdlib/ NiteJazzSusPlus Guitar picking and sustained low strings.
./stdlib/ NiteJazzIntro Simple 4 bar intro with bass walk on 4.
./stdlib/ NiteJazzEnd 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ CountrySwing Marty Robbins might like this.
./stdlib/ CountrySwingSus Adds a sustained fiddle to the hoedown.
./stdlib/ CountrySwing1 Adds an annoying fiddle.
./stdlib/ CountrySwing1Sus Now we have 2 fiddlers, one off in wonderland \
./stdlib/ CountrySwing2 Same fiddle, but a more sane pattern.
./stdlib/ CountrySwing2Sus A sustained and a random fiddler. Great dance!
./stdlib/ CountrySwingIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ CountrySwingEnd Simple ending. Hits on each beat on bar 1, \
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar A very basic 4 to the bar accompaniment.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarWalk Changes the bass pattern to walking.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar1 Our basic pattern with arpeggios every 4th bar.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar1Walk Walking bass with arpeggios every 4th bar.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2 Basic pattern with more strum and syncopation.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2Walk The strum pattern with walking bass
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar3 Add arpeggios every 4 bars to the syncopated strumming.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar3Walk Aprpeggios and walking bass.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarSus Sustained strings added to basic pattern.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar1Sus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitar1.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2Sus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitar2.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar3  
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar3Sus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitar3
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarWalkSus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitarWalk.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar1WalkSus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitarWalk1.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2WalkSus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitarWalk2.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar3WalkSus Sustained strings added to JazzGuitarWalk3.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarPlus Basic pattern with some random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarWalkPlus Basic walking version with random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2Plus Syncopated with random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2WalkPlus Syncopated walking with random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarSusPlus Basic with strings and random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarWalkSusPlus Walking version with strings and random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar2WalkSusPlus Syncopated walking version with strings and random notes.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarFill Changes the guitar strum and walk to 2 \
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarFill1 Guitar stums eight note tripets on 1 and 2.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarIntro A 4 bar, arpeggiating introduction.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitar1Intro A 4 bar intro with a bass run on bar 4.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarEnd Soft, 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ JazzGuitarEnd1 Soft, 1 bar ending.
./stdlib/ SlowBroadway A corny Broadway tune rhythm.
./stdlib/ SlowBroadway1 Add in arpegiating flute.
./stdlib/ SlowBroadwaySus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ SlowBroadway1Sus Sustained strings and apregiating flute.
./stdlib/ SlowBroadwayIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ QuickStep Snappy quickstep, good for showtunes.
./stdlib/ QuickStepHit Brass hits on 1, 4 and 4.5.
./stdlib/ QuickStepSus Sustained version with strings.
./stdlib/ QuickStepHitSus Sustains with hits.
./stdlib/ QuickStepDuh Some vocalization over the basic beat.
./stdlib/ QuickStepDuhSus Sustains with vocalization.
./stdlib/ QuickStepWalk Basic pattern with walking bass.
./stdlib/ QuickStepIntro8 The 4 bar intro stretched to 8.
./stdlib/ QuickStepEnd 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ RockBallad Basic beat with triplet Hi-Hats.
./stdlib/ RockBallad1 Same as the basic pattern, but skips the chord triplet on bar 4.
./stdlib/ RockBalladFill Add guitar arpeggios.
./stdlib/ RockBallad1Fill Guitar apreggio fills without 4th bar triplets.
./stdlib/ RockBalladVoice Adds some cheese with choir voices.
./stdlib/ RockBallad1Voice Cheese without 4th bar triplets.
./stdlib/ RockBalladIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ RockBalladSusIntro 4 bar intro with mostly strings.
./stdlib/ RockBalladEnd Ending with a scaling tenor sax. Use Seq 1 \
./stdlib/ RockBalladEnd1 Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz Accordion umm-pa-pa. Ya either love it or hate it!
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltzSus Add sustained strings to basic pattern.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz1 FrenchWaltz with with accordion apreggios.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz1Fill Adds an accending run.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz1Sus Arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz1FillSus Arpeggios, run and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz2 A simple, little counter melody on a piano.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz2Fill Add a piano run to the counter melody.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz2Sus Piano counter melody and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz2FillSus Piano counter melody and run with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz3 A simple, little counter melody on a viola.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz3Fill Add a string run to the counter melody.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz3Sus Viola counter melody and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz3FillSus Viola counter melody and run with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltzIntro A 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltzEnd A scale with the strings to end \
./stdlib/ FrenchWaltz1End Same ending as FrenchWaltzEnd but with \
./stdlib/ JazzCombo A driving, straight-ahead jazz beat.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo1 Basic beat with straighter piano
./stdlib/ JazzCombo2 The basic beat with added drums.
./stdlib/ JazzComboSus Add some string players to the quartet.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo1Sus Strings and straighter piano.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo2Sus Strings plus added drums.
./stdlib/ JazzComboPlus Guitar plays pseudo melody instead of rhythm.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo1Plus Guitar melody with staighter piano.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo2Plus More drums with guitar melody.
./stdlib/ JazzComboSusPlus Strings with guitar.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo1SusPlus Strings, straight chords and guitar.
./stdlib/ JazzCombo2SusPlus Strings, drums and guitar.
./stdlib/ JazzComboIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ JazzComboIntro2 Same intro with less stuff going on.
./stdlib/ JazzComboEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ FastBlues Fast blues with a bit of R&B.
./stdlib/ FastBluesSus Adds sustained strings to FastBlues
./stdlib/ FastBluesWalk Change bass line from 1/5 to walking.
./stdlib/ FastBluesWalkSus Walking bass version with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FastBlues1 A more rowdy version, with alternating bars of \
./stdlib/ FastBlues1Sus Who invited the violin guys to the blues party?
./stdlib/ None A silent groove.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz Slow, basic jazz backup track.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzSus Bring in the orchestra.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzWalk Change bass to walk on 1/2/3/4.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzWalkSus Sustained version with full walk.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzPlus A bit of a plucked melody backup.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzSusPlus Plucked melody plus strings.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1 Slow jazz piano with a straight rhythm.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1Sus Add sustained strings to straight slow jazz.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1Walk Slow, straight piano jazz with walking bass.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1WalkSus Slow, straight walking with strings.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1Plus Straight chords with plucked background melody.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1SusPlus Straight chords, strings and plucked background melody.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz2 A pretty straight, guitar strum for slow tunes.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz2Sus Straight guitar with sustained Hammond-like organ.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzFill One bar fill with a decending bass walk.
./stdlib/ SlowJazzIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz1Intro 4 bar intro without push chords.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz2Intro A 4 bar intro with organ
./stdlib/ SlowJazzEnd An easy, 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ SlowJazz2End Substitute organ for Piano.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazz A walking style with decending chords.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzPlus A walking style with piano arpeggios.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzSus A walking style with added strings.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzSusPlus A walking style with strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzIntro8 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzPlusIntro 4 bar introduction with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzPlusIntro8 8 bar introduction with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ DescendingJazzEnd 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Zydeco Our basic cajan beat.
./stdlib/ ZydecoPlus Adds a rhythmic accordion
./stdlib/ ZydecoSus The orchestra in New Orleans?
./stdlib/ ZydecoSusPlus String and accordion? Too cool!
./stdlib/ ZydecoIntro A simple, 4 bar, introduction with accordion.
./stdlib/ ZydecoEnd 2 bar ending with guitar.
./stdlib/ ZydecoPlusEnd 2 bar ending with accordion.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltz Basic waltz, piano only.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltzSus Basic waltz with strings and piano.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltz1 Our VieneseWaltz with light, eight note arpeggios.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltz1Sus Waltz with arpeggios and strings.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltz2 Musicbox sounds with piano.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltz2Sus Musicbox with piano and strings.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltzIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ VieneseWaltzEnd A 4 bar ending. Set SEQ so that the \
./stdlib/ 8Beat Good for oldish rock stuff.
./stdlib/ 8BeatSus Adds sustained string to 8Beat.
./stdlib/ 8Beat1 Adds interest to bass line with alternate walking bars.
./stdlib/ 8Beat1Sus Adds sustained string to 8Beat1.
./stdlib/ 8BeatPlus Adds a bit of random piano.
./stdlib/ 8BeatSusPlus Strings and random piano.
./stdlib/ 8Beat1Plus Interesting bass line and piano.
./stdlib/ 8Beat1SusPlus Interesting bass, piano and strings.
./stdlib/ 8BeatIntro Straight-ahead four bar introduction.
./stdlib/ 8BeatFill A single bar fill, mostly drums.
./stdlib/ 8BeatEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz Basic fast jazz waltz.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltzSus Strings added to our waltz.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz1 Add arpeggio runs.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz1Sus Sustained strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz2 Add VoiceOohs.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz2Sus Sustained strings and DUH voices.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltzIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltzIntro8 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltzFill Single bar fill, can be used in endings.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltzEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ FastJazzWaltz1End Ending with arpeggio eights and quarters.
./stdlib/ Afro-Cuban Basic 6/8 Afro-Cuban style.
./stdlib/ HillCountry Our basic hillbilly beat. Pretty boring.
./stdlib/ HillCountryPlus Adds in another banjo.
./stdlib/ HillCountrySus Why not strings in the hills?
./stdlib/ HillCountrySusPlus Strings and banjos!
./stdlib/ HillCountryFill Single bar fill with walking bass, good for repeats.
./stdlib/ HillCountryIntro A basic 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ HillCountryEnd An abrupt 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ R&B Basic Rythmn and Blues.
./stdlib/ R&BSus Change rhythmic organ to sustained chords.
./stdlib/ R&BPlus Our basic rhythm with some nice picking.
./stdlib/ R&BSusPlus Sustained with picking.
./stdlib/ R&BIntro A bit laid-back, 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ R&BEnd Ending for R&B.
./stdlib/ Foxtrot Basic Foxtrot.
./stdlib/ FoxTrotPlus A jazzy piano addition to the basic beat.
./stdlib/ FoxTrotSusPlus Sustained strings and piano 8ths.
./stdlib/ Foxtrot1 FoxTrot with sax section and walking bass.
./stdlib/ FoxTrot1Sus TremoloStrings added to FoxTrot1.
./stdlib/ FoxTrot1Plus Add arpeggio piano to FoxTrot1
./stdlib/ FoxTrot1SusPlus Add arpeggio and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FoxTrotIntro Walking bass intro.
./stdlib/ FoxTrot1Intro Intro based on FoxTrot1 (with saxes).
./stdlib/ FoxtrotFill A 2 bar fill with a rather heavy walking bass.
./stdlib/ FoxTrotEnd Simple ending, 4 beats on first bar and 2 \
./stdlib/ FoxTrot1End Ending based on Foxtrot1.
./stdlib/ Hymn A simple hymn accompaniment.
./stdlib/ HymnRoot The same hymn with chords in root position.
./stdlib/ HymnWalk Basic hymn with walking bass.
./stdlib/ HymnRootWalk Hymn in root position with walking bass.
./stdlib/ HymnPlus Some heavenly voices added in.
./stdlib/ HymnWalkPlus Walking bass with voices.
./stdlib/ HymnRootPlus Root chords with voices.
./stdlib/ HymnRootWalkPlus Root chords with walk and voices.
./stdlib/ HymnIntro A simple sustained intro.
./stdlib/ HymnEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Bebop A fast BeBop rhythm.
./stdlib/ BebopPlus Add a walking piano line.
./stdlib/ BebopSus Add some sustained organ chords.
./stdlib/ BebopSusPlus Organ chords and walking piano.
./stdlib/ BebopIntro Our normalized 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BebopEnd A quick 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Bolero Latin-style Bolero rhythm.
./stdlib/ BoleroFill Add arpeggiating flute.
./stdlib/ BoleroSus Bolero with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BoleroSusFill Sustained Bolero with flute fill.
./stdlib/ BoleroAlt Arpeggiated guitars.
./stdlib/ BoleroAltSus Sustain with Arpeggiated guitars.
./stdlib/ BoleroAltFill Arpeggiated flutes and guitars.
./stdlib/ BoleroAltSusFill Sustain with arpeggiated flutes and guitars.
./stdlib/ BoleroIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BoleroEnd Ending with string scales. Uses 8ths \
./stdlib/ Bolero1 Spanish-style Bolero rhythm.
./stdlib/ Bolero1Fill Add guitar arpeggios to Bolero1.
./stdlib/ Bolero1Sus Spanish Bolero with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Bolero1SusFill Sustained Bolero1 with guitar fill.
./stdlib/ Bolero1Intro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ Bolero1End Single bar ending for Bolero1.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitar Basic pattern with bass, guitar notes and drum.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitarPlus Add in some Clavinet notes.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitarSus Basic with sustained voices.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitarSusPlus Added Clavinet and sustained voices.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitarIntro A basic 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzGuitarEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPiano Piano with guitar bass and drum.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPianoPlus Add in some guitar notes.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPianoSus Our piano groove with sustained voices.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPianoSusPlus Added guitar and sustained voices.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPianoIntro A basic 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ FolkyJazzPianoEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Metronome3 A single bar waltz introduction.
./stdlib/ Beguine Nice, smooth easy listening.
./stdlib/ BeguineSus Adds in a sustained string.
./stdlib/ Beguine1 Adds a pizzicato string to standard Beguine.
./stdlib/ Beguine1Sus This has the pizzicatos strings and a sustained string.
./stdlib/ BeguineFill Single bar fill, good for endings.
./stdlib/ BeguineIntro Simple enough 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BeguineIntro8 Expanded, 8 bar, version of our 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BeguineSusIntro 4 bar intro with sustained strings
./stdlib/ BeguineEnd Ending with string scales. Uses 8ths \
./stdlib/ Beguine2End A more abrupt 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Evansish A slow, steady beat.
./stdlib/ EvansishPlus Add in some random piano notes.
./stdlib/ EvansishSus Add strings to the mix.
./stdlib/ EvansishSusPlus Solo piano and strings.
./stdlib/ EvansishFill A one bar fill.
./stdlib/ Evansish1 Same basic without push chords.
./stdlib/ Evansish1Plus Random notes added, pushy chords out.
./stdlib/ Evansish1Sus Basic sustained without push.
./stdlib/ Evansish1SusPlus Random notes, strings and no push.
./stdlib/ EvansishIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ EvansishEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltz An quarter note piano.
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltz8 An 8th note piano.
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltz48 3 bars of quarters, 1 bar 8ths.
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltzSus Sustained strings with quarters.
./stdlib/ Arpeggiowaltz8Sus Sustained strings with 8ths.
./stdlib/ Arpeggiowaltz48Sus Sustained strings with 4,4,4,8 pattern.
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltzIntro A basic 4 bar introduction (works for ending as well).
./stdlib/ ArpeggioWaltzSusIntro Same intro with strings.
./stdlib/ Desert Pretty funky beat for the desert.
./stdlib/ DesertSus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ DesertFill A bit of a drum torrent over the basic beat.
./stdlib/ DesertEnd Desert Ending.
./stdlib/ Charleston Basic Charleston rhythm.
./stdlib/ Charleston1 Basic rhythm with snappier guitar.
./stdlib/ Charleston2 Basic rhythm with complex guitar.
./stdlib/ CharlestonWalk Basic with walking bass.
./stdlib/ Charleston1Walk Snappy with walking bass.
./stdlib/ Charleston2Walk Complex with walking bass.
./stdlib/ CharlestonSus Basic with sustained sax section.
./stdlib/ Charleston1Sus Snappy guitar with saxes.
./stdlib/ Charleston2Sus Complex guitar with saxes.
./stdlib/ CharlestonWalkSus Basic walk with saxes.
./stdlib/ Charleston1walkSus Snappy walking with saxes.
./stdlib/ Charleston2WalkSus Complex walking with saxes.
./stdlib/ CharlestonPlus Basic with piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston1Plus Snappy with piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston2Plus Complex with piano.
./stdlib/ CharlestonWalkPlus Basic walking with piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston1WalkPlus Snappy walking with piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston2WalkPlus Complex walking with piano.
./stdlib/ CharlestonSusPlus Basic with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston1SusPlus Snappy with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston2SusPlus Complex with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ CharlestonWalkSusPlus Basic walking with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston1WalkSusPlus Snappy walking with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ Charleston2WalkSusPlus Complex walking with saxes and piano.
./stdlib/ CharlestonIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ CharlestonIntro8 Simple 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ CharlestonEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ GuitarBallad Simple ballad with drums and guitar.
./stdlib/ GuitarBallad1 Add additional guitar chords.
./stdlib/ GuitarBalladSus Guitar arpeggios with a bit of strings.
./stdlib/ GuitarBallad1Sus Guitar arpeggios with chords and strings.
./stdlib/ GuitarBalladIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ GuitarBalladSusIntro The same 4 bar intro with strings.
./stdlib/ GuitarBalladEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ R&B-Ballad Basic R&B Ballad.
./stdlib/ R&B-BalladSus Change rhythmic organ to sustained chords.
./stdlib/ R&B-BalladPlus Basic with added guitar riffs.
./stdlib/ R&B-BalladSusPlus Sustained with guitar riffs.
./stdlib/ R&B-BalladIntro A bit laid-back, 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ R&B-BalladEnd Two bar ending.
./stdlib/ Tango Basic tango.
./stdlib/ Tango1 Our basic Tango with a March feel.
./stdlib/ TangoEnd A nice ending for our dance.
./stdlib/ ChaCha Our basic, non-American, pattern.
./stdlib/ ChaCha1 Adds in flute arpeggios.
./stdlib/ ChaChaSus Adds sustained string arpeggios.
./stdlib/ ChaCha1Sus Combines the flute and string arpeggios.
./stdlib/ ChaChaFill A one bar fill.
./stdlib/ ChaCha1Fill Fill with accending flute run. Makes a good section introduction.
./stdlib/ ChaChaIntro A plain 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ ChaChaIntro8 Same intro expanded to 8 bars.
./stdlib/ ChaChaEnd The End.
./stdlib/ ModernJazz ModernJazz with just a piano and guitar.
./stdlib/ ModernJazz1 Adds a muted trumpet on alternate bars.
./stdlib/ ModernJazzSus ModernJazz with added sustained violins.
./stdlib/ ModernJazz1Sus The full-meal-deal.
./stdlib/ ModernJazz2 A slower version of alternate-bar trumpet for faster tempos.
./stdlib/ ModernJazz2Sus Slower alternate-bar trumpets with violins for faster tempos.
./stdlib/ ModernJazzFill A 2 bar horn fill good for endings.
./stdlib/ ModernJazzIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ ModernJazzEnd Nice, 2 bar, ending. First bar is full, \
./stdlib/ WesternSwing Not too bad for dancing.
./stdlib/ WesternSwingSus Adds a sustained accordion for the chorus.
./stdlib/ WesternSwingPlus Adds in Steel Guitar “melody”.
./stdlib/ WesternSwingSusPlus Steel guitar and accordion
./stdlib/ WesternSwingIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ WesternSwingEnd Simple ending. Hits on each beat on bar 1, \
./stdlib/ Ballad68 A rock ballad beat in 6/8.
./stdlib/ Ballad68Plus Adds arpeggiated piano.
./stdlib/ Ballad68Sus Add in sustained TremoloStrings
./stdlib/ Ballad68SusPlus Sustained strings and apreggiating piano.
./stdlib/ Ballad68-44 A 4/4 fill bar.
./stdlib/ Ballad68Intro This 4 bar intro with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Ballad68End Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltz Our basic latin-waltz.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzSus Same latin waltz with strings.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzPlus Adds a bit of a background guitar melody.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzSusPlus G uitar background and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzFill Single bar fill, can be used in endings.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzIntro8 Simple 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ LatinWaltzEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritual Basic pattern.
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritualSus Piano with big sustained organ.
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritualPlus Let the guitar apreggiate.
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritualSusPlus Organ and guitar.
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritualIntro 4 bar introduction
./stdlib/ SlowSpiritualEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ Lullaby Just a solo guitar in 4.
./stdlib/ Lullaby1 Adds in a bit of bass.
./stdlib/ LullabyWalk Adds an 8th note walking bass line.
./stdlib/ LullabySus Add some sustained strings to our guitar.
./stdlib/ Lullaby1Sus A bit of bass with the strings.
./stdlib/ LullabyWalkSus Strings and walking bass.
./stdlib/ LullabyPlus Add in arpeggiating guitar.
./stdlib/ Lullaby1Plus Arpeggiating guitar and extra bass.
./stdlib/ LullabyWalkPlus Arpeggiating guitar and walking bass.
./stdlib/ LullabySusPlus Arpeggiating guitar and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Lullaby1SusPlus Arpeggiating guitar, sustained strings and extra bass.
./stdlib/ LullabyWalkSusPlus Arpeggiating guitar, strings and walking bass.
./stdlib/ LullabyIntro  
./stdlib/ LullabyEnd Two half notes on the guitar.
./stdlib/ 68March A basic 6/8 march in 2.
./stdlib/ 68MarchPlus Our plain march with added piccolos.
./stdlib/ 68MarchSus Our basic march with a sax continuo.
./stdlib/ 68MarchSusPlus Sustained with piccolos.
./stdlib/ 68MarchIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ 68MarchEnd A 2 bar ending. Kill Bass-Piccolo track if you don’t like it.
./stdlib/ 68MarchMetronome A military-like intro on snare.
./stdlib/ LightTango A light Tango, more Spanish.
./stdlib/ LightTangoSus Add a sustained tone to the tango.
./stdlib/ LightTango1 Change out the accordion for a piano.
./stdlib/ LightTango1Sus Add a sustained tone to the piano variant.
./stdlib/ LightTangoFill A one bar fill pattern.
./stdlib/ LightTangoIntro Simple introduction.
./stdlib/ LightTangoIntro1 Smoother version of basic introduction.
./stdlib/ LightTangoEnd A fast single bar ending.
./stdlib/ LightTango4End Smoother 4 bar ending.
./stdlib/ MilIntro4 A 4 bar military-style intro. Easy to use \
./stdlib/ MilIntro2 A 2 bar military-style intro. This is \
./stdlib/ March Standard march pattern. Boring, but it works.
./stdlib/ March1 Adds alterating bars of walking bass to the \
./stdlib/ March1Slow This is just March1 with the walking bass \
./stdlib/ March2 Adds sustained strings to March1. The strings \
./stdlib/ March3 Adds an apreggiating piccolo to March1. \
./stdlib/ March4 Add sustained strings and apreggiating piccolo to March2.
./stdlib/ MarchEnd Four bar ending.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz Doris Day would like this! A string \
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzSus The CountryWaltz with a sustained string.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz1 Same old waltz with an arpeggiating flute. Nice.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz1Sus Arpeggiating flute and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz2 Guitar arpeggios.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz2Sus Guitar arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzWalk Countrywaltz with walking bass.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzWalkSus CountryWaltz with sustained string and \
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz1Walk Walking bass and arpeggiating flute.
./stdlib/ Countrywaltz2Walk Walking bass and apreggiating guitar.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz1SusWalk Arpeggiating flute, sustained string \
./stdlib/ CountryWaltz2SusWalk Apregginating guitar, sustained string \
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzIntro Introduction to the waltz.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzIntro8 8 Bar intro to the waltz.
./stdlib/ CountryWaltzEnd A good ending with a cymbal roll. The \
./stdlib/ Jazz54 Basic 5/4 jazz rhythm.
./stdlib/ Jazz54Walk This replaces the original bass pattern \
./stdlib/ Jazz54Sus Add in some sustained strings. Not really all that great.
./stdlib/ Jazz54WalkSus Walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Jazz54DrumIntro Single bar intro with only funky drum line.
./stdlib/ Waltz A very boring waltz with piano chords.
./stdlib/ WaltzSus Adds strings to Waltz.
./stdlib/ Waltz1 Add piano apreggios to the basic waltz.
./stdlib/ Waltz1Sus Waltz with arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ WaltzWalk Walking bass version of Waltz.
./stdlib/ WaltzWalkSus Walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Waltz1Walk Walking bass and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Waltz1WalkSus Walking bass, arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ WaltzIntro Waltz intro with piano chords.
./stdlib/ WaltzSusIntro Simple intro with strings.
./stdlib/ Waltz1Intro Waltz intro with piano arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Waltz1SusIntro Intro with arepeggios and strings.
./stdlib/ WaltzIntro8 8 bar waltz intro with piano chords.
./stdlib/ WaltzSusIntro8 8 bar Intro with arepeggios and strings.
./stdlib/ Waltz1Intro8 8 bar wWaltz intro with piano arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Waltz1SusIntro8 8 bar intro with arpgeggios and strings.
./stdlib/ WaltzEnd Simple ending based on Waltz with piano scales. \
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68 A eighth note piano (6 hits/bar).
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68-16 A 16th note piano (12 hits/bar).
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68-816 3 bars of 8ths, 1 bar 16ths.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68Sus Sustained strings with eight note piano.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68Sus-16 Sustained strings with 16ths.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68Sus-816 Sustained strings with 8ths, 8ths, 8ths, 16ths pattern.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68Intro A basic 4 bar introduction (works for ending as well).
./stdlib/ Arpeggio68SusIntro Same intro with strings.
./stdlib/ SambaFill Adds a whistle to the standard beat.
./stdlib/ SambaPlus Adds pizzicato strings
./stdlib/ SambaSus Add sustained bandoneon.
./stdlib/ SambaSusFill Sustained bandoneon and whistle.
./stdlib/ SambaSusPlus Sustained bandoneon and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ SambaIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SambaIntro1 Alternate 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SambaIntro8 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BoneyM Our basic BoneyM pattern.
./stdlib/ BoneyMPlus Basic pattern with added steel drum line.
./stdlib/ BoneyMSus Sustained strings added.
./stdlib/ BoneyMSusPlus Strings and steel.
./stdlib/ BoneyMFill One bar fill with some steel drums.
./stdlib/ BoneyMIntro A 4 bar introduction
./stdlib/ BoneyMIntro8 A 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BoneyMEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ SlowCountry Simple nylon guitar in 2.
./stdlib/ SlowCountrySus Adds a sustained strings (2 part) to SlowCountry.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryFill Adds guitar apreggio. Quarters on \
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalk The SlowCountry Groove with a full walking \
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalkSus SlowCountry with a walking bass line and \
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalkFill Walking bass fill.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryPlus Basic slow country with awful fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountrySusPlus Slow country with strings and fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalkPlus Slow country walking bass fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalkSusPlus Slow country with walking bass, strings and fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryFillPlus Slow country with guitar arpeggios and fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryWalkFillPlus Slow country with walking bass, guitar arpeggios and fiddling.
./stdlib/ SlowCountryIntro 4 bar intro
./stdlib/ SlowCountryEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues Somewhat lamentive blues.
./stdlib/ CountryBluesSus Adds sustained strings.
./stdlib/ CountryBluesWalk Walking bass version.
./stdlib/ CountryBluesWalkSus Walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1 Add piano triplets every 2 bars.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1Sus Sustained version.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1Walk Triplet version with walking bass.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1WalkSus Triplet version with walking bass and strings.
./stdlib/ CountryBluesFill Adds a bad fiddler (use sparingly!).
./stdlib/ CountryBluesWalkFill Walking bass with fiddler.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1Fill Piano triplets and fiddle.
./stdlib/ CountryBlues1WalkFill Piano triplets, walking bass and fiddle.
./stdlib/ CountryBluesIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BasicRock A very basic rock beat in 4.
./stdlib/ BasicRockSus Even rockers like strings!
./stdlib/ BasicRock4 Same rock with more of a 4/4 emphasis. Good for \
./stdlib/ BasicRock4Sus Our 4/4 version with strings.
./stdlib/ BasicRockIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BasicRock4Intro 4 bar intro with 4-feel.
./stdlib/ BasicRockEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Metronome6 A two bar 6/8 ballad introduction.
./stdlib/ Ballad128 A very simple, relaxed 12/8 ballad pattern.
./stdlib/ Ballad128Plus Adds arpeggiated piano.
./stdlib/ Ballad128Sus Add in sustained TremoloStrings
./stdlib/ Ballad128SusPlus Sustained strings and apreggiating piano.
./stdlib/ Ballad128Intro This 4 bar intro plays bass notes and harp arpeggios. \
./stdlib/ Ballad128Intro1 Alternative, straighter, intro.
./stdlib/ Ballad128End A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ 68Swing Basic 6/8 swing time, 2 to the bar chording.
./stdlib/ 68Swing1 Chord just sounds once per bar.
./stdlib/ 68Swing2 Chord Pattern is 4-8-4-8.
./stdlib/ 68SwingSus 2 to the bar with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ 68Swing1Sus Single chord to the bar with strings.
./stdlib/ 68Swing2Sus Single chord to the bar with strings.
./stdlib/ 68SwingPlus Add in a solo guitar to 2-to-the-bar piano.
./stdlib/ 68Swing1Plus Solo guitar with 1-to-the-bar piano.
./stdlib/ 68Swing2Plus Solo guitar with 4-to-the bar piano.
./stdlib/ 68SwingSusPlus Strings and solo guitar with 2-to-the-bar piano
./stdlib/ 68Swing1SusPlus Strings and solo guitar with 1-to-the-bar piano
./stdlib/ 68Swing2SusPlus Strings and solo guitar with 4-to-the-bar piano
./stdlib/ 68SwingIntro Basic 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ 68SwingEnd Simple 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ 60sRock A loud, steady rock beat.
./stdlib/ 60sRock1 Bridge version of 60sRock.
./stdlib/ 60sRockSus 60s Rock with strings.
./stdlib/ 60sRock1Sus Alternate 60s Rock with strings.
./stdlib/ 60sRockIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ 60sRockEnd Simple ending with 4 on first bar and 2 on 2nd.
./stdlib/ Polka Simple, Barvarian-style polka.
./stdlib/ PolkaSus Same as Polka, but we add in singing frauleins.
./stdlib/ PolkaArp Polka with a imported accordion player for arpeggios.
./stdlib/ PolkaSusArp Polka with frauleins and accordion player. Wow!
./stdlib/ Polka1 Similar to Polka, but with a snazzier bass.
./stdlib/ Polka1Sus Polka1 with sustained voices.
./stdlib/ Polka1Arp Polka1 with Accordion arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Polka1SusArp Polka1 with voices and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ PolkaIntro A nice little 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ PolkaIntro8 Expanded version of PolkaIntro for 8 bars.
./stdlib/ PolkaEnd A repeatable, single bar ending.
./stdlib/ BossaNova Standard bossanova beat.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaSus Adds sustained choir voices.
./stdlib/ BossaNova1Sus Adds sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BossaNova2Sus Basic Bossa with decending string pattern.
./stdlib/ BossaNova3Sus A combination of BossaNova1Sus and BossaNova2Sus. Alternating \
./stdlib/ BossaNovaPlus Basic rhythm with apreggiating guitar.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaSusPlus Sustained choir and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ BossaNova1SusPlus Sustained strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ BossaNova2SusPlus Descending strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ BossaNova3SusPlus Alternating 1Sus/2Sus and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaFill Adds a bell to the BossaNova groove and \
./stdlib/ BossaNovaIntro Dull introduction.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaIntro1 Same intro with straighter chording.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaIntro8 Another dull intro, but this is for 8 bars.
./stdlib/ BossaNovaEnd The strings do a scale. First bar is eights, \
./stdlib/ BossaNova1End Same ending, but with sustained strings added.
./stdlib/ BossaNova2End Ending with sustained strings, but no scale.
./stdlib/ Folk A very simple pattern to set against old songs. Uses a \
./stdlib/ FolkWalk Plain folk rhythm with walking bass.
./stdlib/ FolkArticulated Fingered picked guitar and a bit of bass.
./stdlib/ FolkSus Some nice harmonica chords with the guitar.
./stdlib/ FolkArticulatedSus Articulated version with harmonica.
./stdlib/ FolkIntro Pretty boring 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FolkEnd Easy, 2 bar ending. First bar has 4 strums, second \
./stdlib/ SlowBolero Easy going Bolero for ballads.
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroSus Add sustained voices.
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroPlus Add in some nylon guitar apreggios
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroSusPlus Arpeggios and sustained voices.
./stdlib/ SlowBolero1 Basic slow Bolero with alternate backing melody.
./stdlib/ SlowBolero1Sus Backing melody and sustained voices.
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroIntro A simple introduction.
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroIntroSus Intro with sustained voices.
./stdlib/ SlowBoleroEnd 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ 50sRock Your basic rock beat from the 50s.
./stdlib/ 50sRockSus Sustained strings added.
./stdlib/ 50sRockPlus Basic with extra guitar arpeggios.
./stdlib/ 50sRockSusPlus Basic sustained with arpeggions.
./stdlib/ 50sRock1 Cut out most of the shuffle. Good for short \
./stdlib/ 50sRock1Sus Unshuffled 50s with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ 50sRock1Plus Unshuffled with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ 50sRock1SusPlus Unshuffled with strings and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ 50sRockIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ 50sRockIntro1 Alternate introduction (no big sax bop on bar 4).
./stdlib/ 50sRockEnd Simple, single bar ending.
./stdlib/ PopBallad Plain old Pop Ballad.
./stdlib/ PopBallad1 The PopBallad with a bit more drum beat and \
./stdlib/ PopBalladSus A slightly lighter version, with strings.
./stdlib/ PopBallad2Sus Add strings to straight version.
./stdlib/ PopBalladIntro A simple introduction.
./stdlib/ PopBalladEnd This is a finalizing, 1 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Blues Straight-ahead blues.
./stdlib/ BluesTriple Change the piano chords to triplets. Nice for \
./stdlib/ BluesSus Add a sustained harmonica. Annoying.
./stdlib/ BluesTripleSus Sustained ‘arp and chord triplets.
./stdlib/ BluesTripleL Same as BluesTriple with triplets on beats 1 and 2.
./stdlib/ BluesTripleLSus Same as BluesTripleSus with triplets on beats 1 and 2.
./stdlib/ BluesTripleR Same as BluesTriple with triplets on beats 3 and 4.
./stdlib/ BluesTripleRSus Same as BluesTripleSus with triplets on beats 3 and 4.
./stdlib/ Blues1 Add honky-piano.
./stdlib/ Blues1Sus The honky-piano meets the mouth-arp.
./stdlib/ BluesIntro Simple, 4 bar, introduction.
./stdlib/ BluesEnd A 4 bar ending. First 2 bars have 4 “hits”, \
./stdlib/ SoftRock Basic Soft-rock for 60’s tunes.
./stdlib/ SoftRockSus Strings with the rock.
./stdlib/ SoftRock1 Adds a latin-pop touch by using flute arpeggios.
./stdlib/ SoftRock1Sus Latin-pop with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ SoftRock2 Add some guitar arpeggios to basic rhythm.
./stdlib/ SoftRock2Sus SoftRock2 with added sustain.
./stdlib/ SoftRockFill 1 bar fill for endings.
./stdlib/ SoftRockIntro Basic introduction.
./stdlib/ SoftRockSusIntro Basic introduction with added strings.
./stdlib/ SoftRockEnd Simple 4 beats to the bar ending.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie Basic BG with four-to-the-bar bass line.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie1 Basic BG with stronger chord line.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie2 BG with 8/16s bass line.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie3 BG with 8/16s bass line and strong chords.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggieSus Basic pattern with sustained Clarinet.
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie1Sus Alternate 1 with Clarinet
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie2Sus Alternate 2 with Clarinet
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggie3Sus Alternate 3 with Clarinet
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggieEnd Same bass line but bar 1 has chords on 1/3 and \
./stdlib/ BoggieWoggieIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ PianoBallad Simple ballad with drums and piano.
./stdlib/ PianoBallad1 Add additional piano chords.
./stdlib/ PianoBalladSus Piano arpeggios with a bit of strings.
./stdlib/ PianoBallad1Sus Piano arpeggios with chords and strings.
./stdlib/ PianoBallad2 PianoBallad with added block chords, no arpeggios.
./stdlib/ PianoBallad2Sus Block chords and strings.
./stdlib/ PianoBalladIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ PianoBalladIntro2 Simple intro using additional block chords.
./stdlib/ PianoBalladFill A 2 bar fill.
./stdlib/ PianoBalladEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio4 A quarter note piano arpeggio.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio8 An 8th note piano.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio48 3 bars of quarters, 1 bar 8ths.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio4Sus Sustained strings with quarters.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio8Sus Sustained strings with 8ths.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio48Sus Sustained strings with 4,4,4,8 pattern.
./stdlib/ Arpeggio4Intro A basic 4 bar introduction (works for ending as well).
./stdlib/ Arpeggio4SusIntro Same intro with strings.
./stdlib/ Blues128 A very simple, relaxed 12/8 blues pattern.
./stdlib/ Blues128Plus Adds arpeggiated piano.
./stdlib/ Blues128Sus Add in sustained Organ
./stdlib/ Blues128SusPlus Sustained strings and apreggiating piano.
./stdlib/ Blues128Intro Straight chord/bass intro.
./stdlib/ Blues128End A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ FolkBallad A soothing guitar
./stdlib/ FolkBallad1 Alternating chord and arpeggio work.
./stdlib/ FolkBalladSus Arpeggios with harmonica
./stdlib/ FolkBallad1Sus Chord and apreggios with harmonica
./stdlib/ FolkBalladIntro Simple introduction.
./stdlib/ FolkBalladEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ Calypso A nice, simple Calypos beat with lots of tom-drums.
./stdlib/ CalypsoSus A synth voice sustained under the beat.
./stdlib/ Calypso1 Walking Bass changed to 4-in-a-bar.
./stdlib/ Calypso1Sus 4-in-a-bar bass with sustained, artifical voices.
./stdlib/ CalypsoPlus Add solo-sounding guitar.
./stdlib/ CalypsoSusPlus Guitar and synth voice.
./stdlib/ Calypso1Plus 4 to the bar bass and guitar.
./stdlib/ Calypso1SusPlus 4 to the bar bass, guitar and voice.
./stdlib/ CalypsoIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ CalypsoEnd A very simple, finalized ending. All \
./stdlib/ BlueGrass A simple BlueGrass sound with a banjo and guitar doing \
./stdlib/ BlueGrassClap Bluegrass with added handclaps.
./stdlib/ BlueGrassBottle Adds in a blow-bottle which no blue grass group \
./stdlib/ BlueGrassBottleClap Bottles and handclaps…where will it stop!
./stdlib/ BlueGrassSus Add sustained accordion.
./stdlib/ BlueGrassSusClap Accordion and clapping.
./stdlib/ BlueGrassIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BlueGrassEnd One bar ending.
./stdlib/ Metronome68 A two bar 6/8 ballad introduction.
./stdlib/ Ballad Simple Rock ballad in 4.
./stdlib/ BalladSus Our simple ballad with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Ballad1 Arpeggios replaced with block chords.
./stdlib/ Ballad1Sus Add sustained strings to Ballad1.
./stdlib/ BalladFill 1 bar fill, good for endings.
./stdlib/ BalladPlus Ballad with a bit of solo guitar.
./stdlib/ BalladSusPlus Ballad with strings and guitar solo.
./stdlib/ Ballad1Plus Block chord ballad with guitar solo.
./stdlib/ Ballad1SusPlus Block chord ballad with strings and guitar.
./stdlib/ BalladIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BalladIntro1 Intro without arpeggios and straight chords.
./stdlib/ BalladIntro2 Add in some sustained strings to BalladIntro1.
./stdlib/ BalladEnd A 4 bar ending with a scale played on a harp. \
./stdlib/ Ballad1End A simpler 4 bar ending. We still have a harp, but it’s \
./stdlib/ DixieMarch A basic Dixieland March.
./stdlib/ DixieMarchPlus Add in a wild clarinet.
./stdlib/ DixieMarchSus A little change with the arpeggios gone.
./stdlib/ DixieMarchSusPlus Apreggios and sustain.
./stdlib/ DixieMarchIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ DixieMarchEnd Finis!
./stdlib/ Mambo Basic rhythm.
./stdlib/ Mambo1 Adds pizzicato arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Mambo2 Add articulated Marimbas.
./stdlib/ Mambo3 Add jazz guitar chords.
./stdlib/ MamboSus Sustained version.
./stdlib/ Mambo1Sus Sustain and pizzicato arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Mambo2Sus Sustain and articulated Marimbas.
./stdlib/ Mambo3Sus Sustain and guitar chords.
./stdlib/ MamboIntro 4 bar intro with a bit of a cha-cha on 4.
./stdlib/ MamboEnd That’s the end!
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggie Blues with a shuffle style.
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggie1 Adds an articulated guitar riff to the basic beat.
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggieSus Blues with violins. Sort of odd, but we can call them fiddles!
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggieIntro A two bar intro. Short, loud and sweet.
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggieIntro4 A four bar intro.
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggieEnd Very simple ending, hits on 1, 2 and 3 of last bar.
./stdlib/ ShuffleBoggieFill Single bar fill.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltz A happy waltz for the stage.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltz1 Add in arpegiating flute.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltzSus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltz1Sus Sustained strings and apregiating flute.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltz2 Basic rhythm with some piano fills.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltz2Sus Add in strings and piano fills.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltzIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BroadwayWaltzIntro8 Simple 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BWMarch A musical style march.
./stdlib/ BWMarchPlus Add in arpegiating flute.
./stdlib/ BWMarchSus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BWMarchSusPlus Sustained strings and apregiating flute.
./stdlib/ BWMarchPlus2 Basic rhythm with some piano fills.
./stdlib/ BWMarchSusPlus2 Add in strings and piano fills.
./stdlib/ BWMarchFill A 2 bar fill for endings.
./stdlib/ BWMarchIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BWMarchIntro8 Simple 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ Twist A basic 50s twist.
./stdlib/ Twist4 Same twist, leaving out a lot of eight notes.
./stdlib/ TwistSus Basic twist with sustained organ
./stdlib/ Twist4Sus Four-to-the-bar twist with organ.
./stdlib/ TwistIntro Pretty boring, but safe, 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ TwistEnd A short and sweet 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ BVFunk A basic Funk groove.
./stdlib/ BVFunkSus The funk groove with strings
./stdlib/ BVFunkHorns Horns added in with 1/4 5/4 pattern
./stdlib/ BVFunkIntro 4 bar introduction
./stdlib/ BVFunkIntro8 8 bar introduction
./stdlib/ BVFunkEnd 2 bar ending
./stdlib/ LFusion Basic Latin Fusion.
./stdlib/ LFusionSus Add sustained atmosphere.
./stdlib/ LFusion1 Same rhythm but with an accordion for that zydeco feeling.
./stdlib/ LFusion1Sus The zydeco with strings.
./stdlib/ LFusionEnd A one bar ending.
./stdlib/ Lfusion1End Same as LFusionEnd, but uses accordion instead \
./stdlib/ EasySwing Nice/simple jazz guitar in 4.
./stdlib/ EasySwingSus Adds a sustained strings (2 part) to EasySwing.
./stdlib/ EasySwingFill Adds guitar apreggio. Quarters on \
./stdlib/ EasySwingWalk The EasySwing Groove with a full walking \
./stdlib/ EasySwingWalkSus The EasySwing with a walking bass line and \
./stdlib/ EasySwingWalkFill Walking bass fill.
./stdlib/ EasySwing1 One strum per bar. Okay if the tempo is \
./stdlib/ EasySwing1Sus Adds sustained strings to EasySwing1.
./stdlib/ EasySwing1Fill Add apreggios to single chord swing.
./stdlib/ EasySwing2 Same EasySwing, but with 2 strums per bar.
./stdlib/ EasySwing2Sus Adds ChoirAahs to EasySwing2.
./stdlib/ EasySwing2Fill Add apreggios to two chord swing.
./stdlib/ EasySwing42 For faster rhythms, a bar of 4 followed \
./stdlib/ EasySwing42Sus Add sustained strings to the 4-2 pattern.
./stdlib/ EasySwing42Fill Add arpeggios to 4-2 pattern.
./stdlib/ EasySwing42Walk A 4-2 pattern with a walking bass.
./stdlib/ EasySwing42WalkSus The 4-2 pattern with walking bass and \
./stdlib/ EasySwing42WalkFill Add arpeggios and walking bass with 4-2 pattern.
./stdlib/ EasySwingIntro 4 bar intro
./stdlib/ EasySwingIntro1 4 bar intro with 1 long chord per bar.
./stdlib/ EasySwingIntro2 4 bar intro with cymbals and 2 strum chords.
./stdlib/ EasySwingIntro3 4 bar intro with triplet bass pattern.
./stdlib/ EasySwingEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ FastWaltz A basic waltz pattern in 1.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzSus Add strings to FastWaltz.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzPlus Piano arpeggios filler.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzSusPlus FastWaltz with arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzWalk Walking bass version of FastWaltz.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzWalkSus Walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzWalkPlus Walking bass and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzWalkSusPlus Walking bass, arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzIntro8 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ FastWaltzEnd Simple ending based on Waltz with piano scales. \
./stdlib/ Dixie Complete with arpeggiating banjo.
./stdlib/ Dixie1 Bass/walk variation.
./stdlib/ Dixie2 The arpeggio has been slowed down and a \
./stdlib/ Dixie3 A more gentle attempt.
./stdlib/ Dixie4 Same voicing, but less strumming.
./stdlib/ DixieStrum Strumming tenor banjo and piano. No apreggiating.
./stdlib/ Dixie4Strum Less strumming version of DixieStrum
./stdlib/ DixieSus Basic groove with added sustain.
./stdlib/ Dixie1Sus Bass/Walk variation with sustain.
./stdlib/ Dixie2Sus Strumming banjo and sustain.
./stdlib/ Dixie3Sus Gentle dixie with sustain.
./stdlib/ Dixie4Sus Less strumming and sustain.
./stdlib/ DixieStrumSus Strumming banjo and piano with sustain.
./stdlib/ DixieIntro A 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ DixieIntro8 An 8 bar introduction which gets less and less busy.
./stdlib/ DixieEnd Straight ending.
./stdlib/ PopSpiritual Basic pattern.
./stdlib/ PopSpiritualSus Piano with big sustained organ.
./stdlib/ PopSpiritualPlus Let the guitar apreggiate.
./stdlib/ PopSpiritualSusPlus Organ and guitar.
./stdlib/ PopSpiritualIntro 4 bar introduction
./stdlib/ PopSpiritualEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ Merengue Driving dance rhythm.
./stdlib/ Merengue1 Substitute bandoneon for first piano.
./stdlib/ Merengue2 Add brass hits every 4 bars.
./stdlib/ MerengueSus Basic version with sustained bandoneon.
./stdlib/ Merengue1Sus Bandoneon rhythm and sustain.
./stdlib/ Merengue2Sus Bandoneon rhythm with 4 bar brass hits.
./stdlib/ MerengueIntro 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ MerengueEnd 4 bar ending.
./stdlib/ BigBand Basic big band beat.
./stdlib/ BigBandSus Tremolo strings added to BigBand.
./stdlib/ BigBandPlus Additional piano notes.
./stdlib/ BigBandSusPlus Sustained strings and piano.
./stdlib/ BigBand1 Basic big band with 1,3 bass, no walking.
./stdlib/ BigBand1Sus Bigband1 with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BigBand1Plus Bigband1 with additional guitar arpeggios.
./stdlib/ BigBand1SusPlus Bigband1 with sustained strings and guitar.
./stdlib/ BigBand8 BigBand with 8 bar variation.
./stdlib/ BigBand8Sus BigBand8 with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ BigBandFill Simple fill bar, good in an ending.
./stdlib/ BigBand1Fill Louder, 4 in the bar fill.
./stdlib/ BigBandIntro 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BigBandIntro2 Alternate 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BigBandIntro8 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ BigBandEnd Straight ending for BigBand.
./stdlib/ BigBand1End Ending for BigBand1.
./stdlib/ BigBand2End Straight, 4 bar ending for BigBand.
./stdlib/ BigBand4End A 4 bar ending. Good ending for BigBand8.
./stdlib/ Salsa Basic Salsa pattern.
./stdlib/ SalsaPlus Basic pattern with apreggiating flute.
./stdlib/ SalsaSus Basic pattern with added strings.
./stdlib/ SalsaSusPlus Sustained pattern with added flute.
./stdlib/ SalsaIntro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SalsaFill Straight, 1 bar fill.
./stdlib/ SalsaEnd Fast, 2 bar ending
./stdlib/ Spiritual A basic spiritual beat in 4.
./stdlib/ SpiritualPlus Add in a jazz guitar plucking notes.
./stdlib/ SpiritualSus Our basic beat with added organ.
./stdlib/ SpiritualSusPlus Organ and crazy guitar.
./stdlib/ SpiritualIntro Our basic 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SpiritualSusIntro A 4 bar intro with organ.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz Hold tight for this dance.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzSus Add strings to RockWaltz.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1 Add piano apreggios to the RockWaltz.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1Sus RockWaltz with arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzWalk Walking bass version of RockWaltz.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzWalkSus Walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1Walk Walking bass and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1WalkSus Walking bass, arpeggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzIntro RockWaltz intro with guitar chords.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1Intro RockWaltz intro with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzIntro8 8 bar RockWaltz intro with guitar chords.
./stdlib/ RockWaltz1intro8 8 bar RockWaltz intro with arpeggios.
./stdlib/ RockWaltzEnd Simple 4 bar ending.
./stdlib/ FastSwing Basic fast swing rhythm.
./stdlib/ FastSwingWalk Fast swing with walking bass.
./stdlib/ FastSwingSus Fast swing with sustaining sax section.
./stdlib/ FastSwingWalkSus Fast swing with walking bass and sustained saxes.
./stdlib/ FastSwingIntro Simple 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ FastSwingIntro8 Simple 8 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ FastSwingEnd Quick, 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Swing Basic swing beat.
./stdlib/ SwingWalk Change the 1/3 syncapated bass to the same \
./stdlib/ SwingTriple Modified Swing with quarter note triplets. Good \
./stdlib/ SwingFill Simple 2 bar fill. Good for endings.
./stdlib/ SwingPlus Adds clarinet arpeggios to Swing.
./stdlib/ SwingWalkPlus Swing with walking bass and arpeggios.
./stdlib/ SwingSus Add sustained strings to Swing.
./stdlib/ SwingPlusSus Add sustained strings to SwingPlus. This is\
./stdlib/ SwingWalkSus Swing with walking bass and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ SwingWalkPlusSus Swing with walking bass, arpeggio \
./stdlib/ Swing1 A more syncopated version of Swing. This sounds \
./stdlib/ Swing1Walk Walking bass version of Swing1.
./stdlib/ Swing1Triple Modified Swing1 with quarter note triplets.
./stdlib/ Swing1Sus Swing1 with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Swing1WalkSus Swing1Walk with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Swing1Plus Swing1 with arpeggiating clarinets.
./stdlib/ Swing1PlusSus Swing1 with clarinet and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Swing1WalkPlus Swing1Walk with the clarinet.
./stdlib/ Swing1WalkPlusSus Swing1Walk with clarinet and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Swing2 This version is much better with slower tempos \
./stdlib/ Swing2Triple Modified Swing2 with quarter note triplets.
./stdlib/ Swing2Plus Swing2 with clarinet
./stdlib/ Swing2Sus Swing2 with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Swing2PlusSus Swing2 with clarinet.
./stdlib/ SwingIntro Simple, 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SwingIntro2 Same intro, but Swing2 voices.
./stdlib/ SwingEnd Basic ending based on Swing. 4 beats on first bar; \
./stdlib/ Swing1End Ending for Swing1.
./stdlib/ Swing2End Swing2 ending with alto sax run. Use seq so \
./stdlib/ StringBallad Slow ballad with strings and bass.
./stdlib/ StringBalladVoice Add a sustained voice to the strings.
./stdlib/ StringBalladStrum Gentle guitar adds some interest.
./stdlib/ StringBalladVoiceStrum Add the guitar and soothing voices.
./stdlib/ StringBalladPlus Add a bit of piano to the strings.
./stdlib/ StringBalladStrumPlus Piano and strumming.
./stdlib/ StringBalladVoicePlus Add the piano and soothing voices.
./stdlib/ StringBalladIntro A 4 bar introduction
./stdlib/ StringBalladEnd A 2 bar ending
./stdlib/ ShowTune Basic track with strings.
./stdlib/ ShowTune1 Add in pizzicato strings.
./stdlib/ ShowTune2 Basic version with extra stuff. Set voice with ExtraVoice.
./stdlib/ ShowTunePlus Add trumpet arpeggios.
./stdlib/ ShowTune1Plus Add trumpets and plucked strings.
./stdlib/ ShowTune2Plus Add trumpets and extra.
./stdlib/ ShowTuneIntro 4 bar intro with plucked strings.
./stdlib/ ShowTuneEnd A pretty dull ending.
./stdlib/ Metronome2 Single bar sequence with hits on beats 1 and 3.
./stdlib/ Metronome4 Single bar sequence with hits on beats \
./stdlib/ Metronome2-4 A very useful introduction. On bar one we have \
./stdlib/ Rhumba Nice, smooth easy listening.
./stdlib/ RhumbaSus Sustained strings make it smoother.
./stdlib/ RhumbaTriple Rhumba with quarter note triplet chords. \
./stdlib/ RhumbaTripleSus Triplets and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ RhumbaTriple12 Variation of RhumbaTriple with triplets on \
./stdlib/ RhumbaTriple12Sus Triplet on 1/2 and strings.
./stdlib/ RhumbaTriple34 Variation of RhumbaTriple with triplets on \
./stdlib/ RhumbaTriple34Sus Triplet on 3/4 and strings.
./stdlib/ Rhumba1 Adds pizzicato arpeggios.
./stdlib/ Rhumba1Sus Apreggios and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Rhumba2 Add articulated Marimbas.
./stdlib/ Rhumba2Sus Marimbas and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Rhumba3 Add jazz guitar chords.
./stdlib/ Rhumba3Sus Guitar chords and sustained strings.
./stdlib/ RhumbaIntro 4 bar intro to go with standard Rhumba.
./stdlib/ RhumbaEnd Ending with string scales. The scales use \
./stdlib/ RhumbaEnd1 Simpler, 2 bar, ending.
./stdlib/ Broadway A very corny Broadway tune rhythm.
./stdlib/ Broadway1 Add in arpegiating flute.
./stdlib/ BroadwaySus Add sustained strings.
./stdlib/ Broadway1Sus Sustained strings and apregiating flute.
./stdlib/ Broadway2 Basic rhythm with some piano fills.
./stdlib/ Broadway2Sus Add in strings and piano fills.
./stdlib/ BroadwayFill A 2 bar fill for endings.
./stdlib/ BroadwayIntro Simple 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ BroadwayIntro8 Simple 8 bar intro.
./stdlib/ Son Our basic Son rhythm.
./stdlib/ SonSus Son with sustained strings.
./stdlib/ SonPlus Son with flute arpeggios
./stdlib/ SonSusPlus Sustained with flute apreggios.
./stdlib/ SonIntro Boring, four bar introduction.
./stdlib/ SonEnd Simple ending.
./stdlib/ Ska Good if you’re from Trinidad.
./stdlib/ Ska1 Change Piano to SteelDrums and add \
./stdlib/ SkaSus Adds sustained voices to Ska.
./stdlib/ Ska1Sus Adds sustained voices to Ska1.
./stdlib/ SkaClap Adds a rather loud handclap to the basic beat. \
./stdlib/ SkaEnd A funky ending. Really does need some work.
./stdlib/ Rock128 Basic 12/8 beat with the piano \
./stdlib/ Rock128Plain Piano changes from triplets to 4 in the bar.
./stdlib/ Rock128Sus Add in sustained strings and voices.
./stdlib/ Rock128PlainSus Piano 4-to-the bar with strings.
./stdlib/ Rock128Plus Add some piano notes for interest.
./stdlib/ Rock128SusPlus Strings and piano.
./stdlib/ Rock128PlainPlus Straight version with piano.
./stdlib/ Rock128PlainSusPlus Straight version with strings and piano.
./stdlib/ Rock128Intro A 4 bar introduction.
./stdlib/ Rock128IntroSus Same 4 bar intro with strings.
./stdlib/ Rock128End Simple ending.
./stdlib/ Strut Basic strut in 4.
./stdlib/ StrutSus A soothing strut with strings.
./stdlib/ Strut2 Same strut with a 2 beat emphasis.
./stdlib/ Strut2Sus Our 2 beat version with strings.
./stdlib/ StrutIntro 4 bar intro.
./stdlib/ StrutSusIntro  
./stdlib/ StrutEnd A 2 bar ending.
./stdlib/ Trance A smooth techno beat.
./stdlib/ Trance1 Adds an annoying repetition to the beat.
./stdlib/ Trance2 Changes repeating brass to 8ths and kills space sounds.
./stdlib/ TranceBass1 Same as Trance, with long bass on 1,3.
./stdlib/ Trance1Bass1 Same as Trance1, with long bass on 1,3.
./stdlib/ Trance2Bass1 Same as Trance2, with long bass on 1,3.
./stdlib/ TranceIntro Hypnotic intro?
./stdlib/ TranceEnd Fading ending, nothing on beats 3/4 of final bar.

Yahama STYles

Yamaha sty to MMA conversion by (see MMMA Converters). These are machine translation of a binary style file and should be usable by MMA, with something like the following MMA directives:

use yamaha/
groove JazzSwingMainB
File Groove name Description
./yamaha/ JazzSwingMainA 12 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzSwingFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzSwingIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzSwingEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzSwingMainB 12 bar main B
./yamaha/ JazzSwingFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzBasieA 4 bars main
./yamaha/ JazzBasieFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzBasieIntroA 1 bar Intro A
./yamaha/ JazzBasieEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzBasieB 4 bars main B
./yamaha/ JazzBasieFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzBasieFillBA 1 bar fill BA
./yamaha/ JazzBasieIntroB 2 bar Intro B
./yamaha/ JazzBasieEndingB 3 bar ending B
./yamaha/ JazzBasieMainC 4 bar main C
./yamaha/ JazzBasieFillCC 1 bar fill CC
./yamaha/ JazzBasieIntroC 4 bar intro C
./yamaha/ JazzBasieEndingC 5 bar ending C
./yamaha/ JazzBasieMainD 4 bar main D
./yamaha/ JazzBasieFillDD 2 bar Fill DD
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzMainA 12 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzMainB 12 bar main B
./yamaha/ JazzWaltzFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyMainA 12 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyMainB 12 bars main B
./yamaha/ JazzBouncyFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzTrioMainA 12 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzTrioFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzTrioIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzTrioEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzTrioMainB 12 bar main B
./yamaha/ JazzTrioFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzCountryMainA 12 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzCountryFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzCountryIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzCountryEndingA 2 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzCountryMainB 12 bar Main B
./yamaha/ JazzCountryFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ Salsa1MainA Auto-generated ‘Main A’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1IntroA Auto-generated ‘Intro A’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1FillAA Auto-generated ‘Fill In AA’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1FillAB Auto-generated ‘Fill In AB’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1EndingA Auto-generated ‘Ending A’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1MainB Auto-generated ‘Main B’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1IntroB Auto-generated ‘Intro B’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1FillBB Auto-generated ‘Fill In BB’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1FillBA Auto-generated ‘Fill In BA’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa1EndingB Auto-generated ‘Ending B’ sty/salsa1.sty
./yamaha/ W-RockIntroA A drum-only intro. Probably not that useful?
./yamaha/ W-RockMainA Good rhythm with drums and guitar.
./yamaha/ W-RockFillAB Fill sounds pretty much like MAIN-A pattern.
./yamaha/ W-RockMainB Much like “A” with an added horn section.
./yamaha/ W-RockEndingA Single bar ending. Not too final sounding.
./yamaha/ W-RockEndingB A drum-only ending.
./yamaha/ W-RockFillAA Okay fill or change bar.
./yamaha/ W-RockFillBA A cymbal crash on beat 1 creates a fill.
./yamaha/ W-RockFillBB No drums, just bass and piano.
./yamaha/ WesternMainA A bit like a train taking off.
./yamaha/ WesternFillAA A fill which sounds better than the main pattern.
./yamaha/ WesternFillAB Goes well with the train.
./yamaha/ WesternIntroA A pluck on 1,2,3 with added snare.
./yamaha/ WesternEndingA A banjo run with a final chord.
./yamaha/ WesternMainB Very blue-grassy with picked banjo.
./yamaha/ WesternFillBA Somehow the train is running over the banjo.
./yamaha/ WesternFillBB And I thought the banjo had been run over.
./yamaha/ WesternIntroB A banjo introduction.
./yamaha/ WesternEndingB Fiddle sounding end. Okay.
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioIntroA 2 bar intro A
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioMainA 2 bar main A
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioFillAB 1 bar fill AB
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioEndingA 3 bar ending A
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioIntroB 6 bar intro B
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioMainB 4 bar main B
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioFillBB 1 bar fill BB
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioFillBA 1 bar fill BA
./yamaha/ JazzGrTrioEndingB 6 bar ending B
./yamaha/ QuandoGSMainA Steady Samba beat.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSFillAA Good fill for repeats with Main-A.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSIntroA A one bar intro with a heavy hit on beat 1.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSEndingA Good ending to go with Main-A.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSMainB Adds horn section to Main-A.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSFillBB Fill for Main-B.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSFillBA Simple fill with horns.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSIntroB This is an 8 bar introduction. The first 6 bars are a just \
./yamaha/ QuandoGSEndingB This 8 bar ending duplicates Main-B with a single bar “ending”.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSMainC Pretty much like Main-B, but the horns are softer.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSFillCC Abrupt fill with hit on 1.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSIntroC Pretty much like Intro-B.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSEndingC This 8 bar ending duplicates Main-C with an “end” on the last bar.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSMainD Much like Main-A, but a bit brighter percussion.
./yamaha/ QuandoGSFillDD Loud fill with a brass hit on beat 1.
./yamaha/ MamboMainA Good, basic beat.
./yamaha/ MamboFillAA An okay single bar fill
./yamaha/ MamboFillAB Single bar horn fill.
./yamaha/ MamboIntroA Good horns, but odd sounding piano/bass.
./yamaha/ MamboEndingA Rolling drums and final horns.
./yamaha/ MamboBreakAA A nice transition section.
./yamaha/ MamboMainB Nice variation of main pattern with horn section.
./yamaha/ MamboFillBA Abrupt horns. Good for ending loop-back.
./yamaha/ MamboFillBB Sharp horns make this a possible intro.
./yamaha/ MamboIntroB Decent enough introduction.
./yamaha/ MamboEndingB Pretty busy, but might be okay with a slower tempo.
./yamaha/ MamboBreakBB Good fill with drums on bar 1 and horns on 2.
./yamaha/ Salsa2MainA Auto-generated ‘Main A’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2IntroA Auto-generated ‘Intro A’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2FillAA Auto-generated ‘Fill In AA’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2FillAB Auto-generated ‘Fill In AB’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2EndingA Auto-generated ‘Ending A’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2MainB Auto-generated ‘Main B’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2IntroB Auto-generated ‘Intro B’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2FillBB Auto-generated ‘Fill In BB’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2FillBA Auto-generated ‘Fill In BA’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ Salsa2EndingB Auto-generated ‘Ending B’ salsa2.sty
./yamaha/ JazzBossaA 12 bars main A
./yamaha/ JazzBossaFillAA 1 bar fill AA
./yamaha/ JazzBossaIntroA 2 bars intro A
./yamaha/ JazzBossaEndingA 2 bars ending A
./yamaha/ JazzBossaB 12 bars main B
./yamaha/ JazzBossaFillBB 1 bar fill BB

Kara-Moon grooves

These files were donated for the betterment of humanity by Kara Music Production. MMA only distributes a few of kara’s files … for much more Kara-Moon style files, please visit their website.

File Groove name Description
./kara/ HappyshuffleA Main A - piano, organ, drums, bass
./kara/ HappyshuffleB Main B add a accordion
./kara/ HappyshuffleC Main C more busy then Main B
./kara/ HappyshuffleD The full band is rocking !
./kara/ HappyshuffleFillA 1 bar simple fill
./kara/ HappyshuffleFillB 1 bar Fill In to stay in B
./kara/ HappyshuffleFillC 1 bar Fill In to stay in C
./kara/ HappyshuffleFillD 1 bar fill in comming from Main D
./kara/ HappyshuffleIntroA One bar simple Intro
./kara/ HappyshuffleIntroB 2 bar intro, more instruments
./kara/ HappyshuffleIntroC 5 bar intro, full band
./kara/ HappyshuffleEndingA One bar simple ending
./kara/ HappyshuffleEndingB 3 bar Ending B, the full band
./kara/ HappyshuffleEndingC 6 bars Ending C
./kara/ HappyshuffleFillB Fill In B to A
./kara/ kbossaIntroA 4 bar intro, drums, bass, rhodes
./kara/ kbossaIntroB 4 bar intro more rythmic
./kara/ kbossaIntroC 4 bar intro More rythmic, drum,bass, rhodes, strings
./kara/ kbossaA 4 bars, drum, bass, piano
./kara/ kbossaFillA One bar fill
./kara/ kbossaFillAB One bar fill, goto B style
./kara/ kbossaFillC One bar fill, goto C style
./kara/ kbossaB 4 bars, more rythmic
./kara/ kbossaC 4 bars more rythmic and add strings
./kara/ kbossaFillB 1 bar fill in B style
./kara/ kbossaFillC One bar in C style
./kara/ kbossaEndingA 2 bar ending in A style
./kara/ kbossaEndingB 2 bar ending in B style
./kara/ kbossaEndingC 2 bar ending in C style
./kara/ kbossaEndingD 2 bar ending in C style with strings
./kara/ 50s_RockA ‘Main A’ 50s rock, length is 4 bars.
./kara/ 50s_RockFillAA ‘One bar Fill In Main A substyle’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockIntroA One bar ‘Intro A’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockEndingA Two bars ‘Ending A’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockB B sub-style 50s rock. Length is 4 bars
./kara/ 50s_RockFillBB One Bar Fill In for B substyle’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockFillBA One bar Fill In used to return from B substyle to A substyle. 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockIntroB Two bar ‘Intro B substyle ‘ 50s rock.
./kara/ 50s_RockEndingB Three bars ‘Ending B substyle’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockC Four bar ‘Main C substyle’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockFillCC One bar Fill In for C substyle’ 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockIntroC Four bar Intro for C substyle 50srock.
./kara/ 50s_RockEndingC Five bar Ending for C substyle 50s rock
./kara/ 50s_RockD Four bar Main D substyle 50s rock.
./kara/ 50s_RockFillDD One bar Fill In for D substyle 50s rock
./kara/ TwiMainA Bass, Steel Guitar, Tenor Sax & Drums
./kara/ TwiFillAA Fill for Main A style
./kara/ TwiFillAB Fill In AB, add the piano to prepare the B substyle
./kara/ TwiMainB Here it realy grooves and we have a piano
./kara/ TwiFillBA Fill In BA, we go back to Main A so piano only on the first measure
./kara/ TwiFillBB Fill In BB, pause the piano
./kara/ TwiIntroB Our Intro-B , drums, guitar & bass
./kara/ TwiEndingB The ending, all instruments involved
./kara/ 2beatpA Main A. 2 bars, left & right hand comping
./kara/ 2beatpB Main B. 2 bars, more rythm in the right hand
./kara/ 2beatpC Main C. 2bars, more busy & upper octave
./kara/ 2beatpD Main D. 2 bars variation on Main C
./kara/ 2beatpFillA Fill In A. One bar Fill
./kara/ 2beatpFillB Fill In B. One bar fill
./kara/ 2beatpFillC Fill In C. One bar
./kara/ 2beatpFillD Fill In D. One bar
./kara/ 2beatpIntroA ‘Intro A. One bar; simple
./kara/ 2beatpIntroB Intro B. 4 bar intro, 2 octaves
./kara/ 2beatpIntroC Intro C. 6 bars intro
./kara/ 2beatpEndingA Ending A. 1 bars
./kara/ 2beatpEndingB Ending B. 3 bar ending
./kara/ 2beatpEndingC Ending C. 2 bar ending
./kara/ fasttwistA 4 bars main groove
./kara/ fasttwistFillA One bar Fill A
./kara/ fasttwistEndingA 2 bars ending
./kara/ fasttwistB 4 bars Main B
./kara/ fasttwistFillB 1 bar B fill
./kara/ fasttwistEndingB 4 bar Ending B
./kara/ fasttwistIntroA Auto-generated ‘Intro A’ mytwist.sty
./kara/ fasttwistIntroB Auto-generated ‘Intro B’ mytwist.sty
./kara/ kwestballadIntroA 4 bars Intro
./kara/ kwestballadIntroB 4 bars Intro like Intro A but with 2 guitars
./kara/ kwestballadA 4 bars Main A
./kara/ kwestballadB 4 bars like Main A but with 2 guitars
./kara/ kwestballadFillA 1 bar Fill A
./kara/ kwestballadFillB Like Fill A but with 2 guitars
./kara/ kwestballadFillAB The second guitar comes in.
./kara/ kwestballadC 4 bars Main C
./kara/ kwestballadD Like Main C but with 2 guitars.
./kara/ kwestballadFillB 1 bar Fill B
./kara/ kwestballadFillC Like Fill B but with 2 guitars
./kara/ kwestballadEndingA 2 bar Ending like in Main A style
./kara/ kwestballadEndingB 2 bars like Ending A but with 2 guitars
./kara/ kwestballadEndingC 2 bar ending after C or D style
./kara/ kwestballadEndingD 2 bar ending after C or D style with 2 guitars
./kara/ Kfunk1A A nice funk quartet, nothing to heavy
./kara/ Kfunk1FillAA Fill In AA
./kara/ Kfunk1FillAB Fill In AB, we prepare the B substyle, we add some brass
./kara/ Kfunk1B Main B more busy & with brass
./kara/ Kfunk1FillBA Fill In BA, go back to A-substyle
./kara/ Kfunk1FillBB Fill In BB
./kara/ Kfunk1IntroA Intro A,drum starts others follow from second bar
./kara/ Kfunk1EndingA Ending A
./kara/ Kfunk1C /// Same a Main-A with added brass
./kara/ Kfunk1IntroB /// Same as Intro A with added brass
./kara/ Kfunk1EndingB /// Same as Ending A with brass
./kara/ Kfunk1FillCC /// As A-fill but with some brass instruments
./kara/ 8beatmotownA Main A 8 bars drums, bass, piano, guitar
./kara/ 8beatmotownB Main B 8 Bar add strings
./kara/ 8beatmotownC Main C 8 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownD Main D 8 bars the full band rocks
./kara/ 8beatmotownFillA Fill In AA 1 bar
./kara/ 8beatmotownFillB Fill In BB 1 bar
./kara/ 8beatmotownFillC Fill In CC 1 bar
./kara/ 8beatmotownFillD Fill In DD 1 bar
./kara/ 8beatmotownIntroA Intro A 4 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownIntroB Intro B 4 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownIntroC Intro C 4 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownEndingA Ending A 4 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownEndingB Ending B 4 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownEndingC Ending C 3 bars
./kara/ 8beatmotownFillBA Fill In BA 1 bar

Other grooves

See the README files in each directory for informations on authors and usage.

File Groove name Description  
./alexis/ HipHop Rythmic line and off-beat pads  
./alexis/ HipHopSus HipHop groove + basic strings  
./alexis/ HipHopPlus1 Adds piano arpeggios  
./alexis/ HipHopSusPlus1 Piano arpeggios and strings  
./alexis/ HipHopPlus2 Adds sawtooth arpeggios  
./alexis/ HipHopSusPlus2   Sawtooth arpeggios and strings
./alexis/ HipHopPlusPlus Sawtooth and piano arpeggios  
./alexis/ HipHopSusPlusPlus Sawtooth and piano arpeggios and strings  
./alexis/ HipHopIntro Only drums and bass  
./alexis/ HipHopEnd Removes basses  
./alexis/ TeamTechno A basic Techno groove.  
./alexis/ TeamTechnoSus Add sustained strings.  
./alexis/ TeamTechnoIntro Simple 1 bar intro.  
./alexis/ TeamTechnoIntroPlus Adds in rhythmic bass line.  
./alexis/ TeamTechnoEnd A 1 bar ending.  
./pflib/ metal2A Metal 2, Section A  
./pflib/ metal2B Metal 2, Section B  
./pflib/ metal2FA Metal 2, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ metal2FB Metal 2, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ metal2E Metal 2, Ending  
./pflib/ 16beat1A 16 Beat 1, Section A  
./pflib/ 16beat1B 16 Beat 1, Section B  
./pflib/ 16beat1FA 16 Beat 1, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ 16beat1FB 16 Beat 1, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ 16beat1E 16 Beat 1, Ending  
./pflib/ metal1A Metal 1, Section A  
./pflib/ metal1B Metal 1, Section B  
./pflib/ metal1FA Metal 1, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ metal1FB Metal 1, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ metal1E Metal 1, Ending  
./pflib/ 8beat2A 8 Beat 2, Section A  
./pflib/ 8beat2B 8 Beat 2, Section B  
./pflib/ 8beat2FA 8 Beat 2, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ 8beat2FB 8 Beat 2, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ 8beat2E 8 Beat 2, Ending  
./pflib/ 8beat1A 8 Beat 1, Section A  
./pflib/ 8beat1B 8 Beat 1, Section B  
./pflib/ 8beat1FA 8 Beat 1, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ 8beat1FB 8 Beat 1, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ 8beat1E 8 Beat 1, Ending  
./pflib/ slowrockA Slowrock, Section A  
./pflib/ slowrockB Slowrock, Section B  
./pflib/ slowrockFA Slow rock Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ slowrockFB Slow rock, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ slowrockE Slow rock, Ending  
./pflib/ rock1A Rock 1, Section A  
./pflib/ rock1B Rock 1, Section B  
./pflib/ rock1FA Rock 1, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ rock1FB Rock 1, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ rock1E Rock 1, Ending  
./pflib/ highfiveA High Five, Section A  
./pflib/ highfiveB High Five, Section B  
./pflib/ highfiveFA High Five, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ highfiveFB High Five, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ highfiveE High Five, Ending  
./pflib/ 16beat2A 16 Beat 2, Section A  
./pflib/ 16beat2B 16 Beat 2, Section B  
./pflib/ 16beat2FA 16 Beat 2, Section A Fill-in  
./pflib/ 16beat2FB 16 Beat 2, Section B Fill-in  
./pflib/ 16beat2E 16 Beat 2, Ending  
./casio/ OldieBallad Main pattern, a 2 bar sequence.  
./casio/ OldieBalladIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ OldieBalladEnd A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ MellowRB Interesting rhythm.  
./casio/ MellowRBIntro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ MellowRBEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ PopShuffle1 A bubble gum track.  
./casio/ PopShuffle1Intro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ PopShuffle1End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Funk1 A funky groove.  
./casio/ Funk1Intro A 4 bar, funky, introduction.  
./casio/ Funk1End A 2 bar, funky, ending.  
./casio/ Funk2 Our basic rhythm.  
./casio/ Funk2Intro A funky 4 bar introdution  
./casio/ Funk2End A funky 4 bar introdution  
./casio/ 80sPop Remember the 80s?  
./casio/ 80sPopIntro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 80sPopEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad1 Our basic 2 bar pattern  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad1Intro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad1End A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ MiddleBigBand Basic pattern  
./casio/ MiddleBigBandIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ MiddleBigBandEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 68Ballad A 4 bar pattern.  
./casio/ 68BalladIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ 68BalladEnd A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ Trance2    
./casio/ Trance2Intro    
./casio/ Trance2End    
./casio/ QuickStep Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ QuickStepIntro    
./casio/ QuickStepEnd    
./casio/ 60sPop A decent pop/rock rhythm.  
./casio/ 60sPopIntro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 60sPopEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ DigitalRock Main pattern.  
./casio/ DigitalRockIntro 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ DigitalRockEnd 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ SlowBigBand 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ SlowBigBandIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ SlowBigBandEnd 2 bar endingxd  
./casio/ JazzCombo Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ JazzComboIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ JazzComboEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ HeavyMetal Basic pattern in 4.  
./casio/ HeavyMetalIntro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ HeavyMetalEnd 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ PopShuffle2 The main mover  
./casio/ PopShuffle2Intro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ PopShuffle2End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Rave A repetitive beat to keep you dancing  
./casio/ RaveIntro 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ RaveEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ JazzWaltz Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ JazzWaltzIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ JazzWaltzEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ PopRock1 A 70s style pop rock.  
./casio/ PopRock1Intro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ PopRock1End A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ Foxtrot Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ FoxtrotIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ FoxtrotEnd    
./casio/ ShuffleBoogie Main pattern  
./casio/ ShuffleBoogieIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ ShuffleBoogieEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ TripHop Electronic dance beat.  
./casio/ TripHopEnd A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ TripHopIntro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad2 Basic 4 bar pattern.  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad2Intro 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad2End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8BeatPop2 A latin-ish sounding pop rock.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop2End A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop2Intro It’s a 4 bar intro, but not too great.  
./casio/ 16Beat1 Simple dance beat.  
./casio/ 16beat1End A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 16beat1Intro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ Techno Main pattern  
./casio/ TechnoIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ TechnoEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ LatinHouse Basic rhythm.  
./casio/ LatinHouseIntro   4 bar introduction
./casio/ LatinHouseEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Fusion Main fusion rhythm with horns.  
./casio/ FusionIntro A 4 bar intro with lots of horns  
./casio/ FusionEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ DancePop2 Electronic dance beat  
./casio/ DancePop2Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ DancePop2End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8BeatPop3 A more driving 8 beat rhythm.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop3Intro 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop3End 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ PopRock2 A cheery version.  
./casio/ PopRock2Intro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ PopRock2End A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ Pop A basic pop beat  
./casio/ PopEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ PopIntro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ PopWaltz    
./casio/ PopWaltzIntro    
./casio/ PopWaltzEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ DiscoSoulIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ DiscoSoulEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ ModernJazz    
./casio/ ModernJazzIntro    
./casio/ ModernJazzEnd    
./casio/ Ambient3    
./casio/ Ambient3Intro    
./casio/ Ambient3End    
./casio/ SlowSwing Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ SlowSwingIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ SlowSwingEnd    
./casio/ 16Shuffle2 A goofy 16 beat shuffle.  
./casio/ 16Shuffle2Intro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ 16Shuffle2End A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ ModernR&B Basic pattern  
./casio/ ModernR&BIntro   4 bar intro
./casio/ ModernR&BEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad3 Basic track.  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad3Intro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad3End 2 bar end  
./casio/ WorldPop A percusion heavy beat  
./casio/ WorldPopIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ WorldPopEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Ambient1 Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ Ambient1Intro A 4 bar intro  
./casio/ Ambient1End A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Soul A busy soul-like beat  
./casio/ SoulIntro A busy 4 bar intro  
./casio/ SoulEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Slow16Beat For techno huggers.  
./casio/ Slow16BeatIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Slow16BeatEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Serenade Basic 1 bar pattern  
./casio/ SerenadeIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ SerenadeEnd 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8Beat2 Harder version of the 8beat1 rhythm.  
./casio/ 8Beat2End 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8Beat2Intro 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ FastBigBand Basic pattern  
./casio/ FastBigBandIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ FastBigBandEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 60sRock Nice 4 bar main pattern  
./casio/ 60sRockIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ 60sRockEnd A 2 bar ending.    
./casio/ PopBallad A basic rhythm  
./casio/ PopBalladIntro A 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ PopBalladEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Rock2 Main pattern  
./casio/ Rock2Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Rock2End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Blues Main 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ BluesIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ BluesEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ R&B Main rhythm & blues groove  
./casio/ R&BIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ R&BEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8Beat1 Basic 8beat pop-rock.  
./casio/ 8Beat1End 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8Beat1Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ ShuffleRock A 60s shuffle  
./casio/ ShuffleRockIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ ShuffleRockEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 60sSoul A Supreme ryhthm.  
./casio/ 60sSoulIntro A 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ 60sSoulEnd A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ SlowRock A boring 4 bar sequence  
./casio/ SlowRockIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ SlowRockEnd A 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop1 Good for old time rock and roll.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop1End A nice little 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8BeatPop1Intro A 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ Trance1 The basic pattern  
./casio/ Trance1Intro    
./casio/ Trance1End    
./casio/ DancePop3 Basic electronic pop beat  
./casio/ DancePop3Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ DancePop3End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Rock1    
./casio/ Rock1Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Rock1End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 16Shuffle1 16 beat with shuffle  
./casio/ 16Shuffle1Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ 16Shuffle1End 4 bar ending  
./casio/ House Main beat  
./casio/ HouseIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ HouseEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Twist Basic pattern  
./casio/ TwistIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ TwistEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad3 Basic pattern  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad3Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ 16BeatBallad3End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Hip-Hop Our main pattern  
./casio/ Hip-HopIntro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Hip-HopEnd A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Dance1 Basic pattern  
./casio/ Dance1Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Dance1End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad1 A strumming minstrel.  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad1Intro 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad1End    
./casio/ Dance2 Main pattern  
./casio/ Dance2Intro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ Dance2End 2 bar ending  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad2 A 2 bar ballad.  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad2Intro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ 8BeatBallad2End A 2 bar ballad.  
./casio/ LatinFusion Busy latin rhythm.  
./casio/ LatinFusionIntro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ LatinFusionEnd    
./casio/ Ambient2 Main pattern  
./casio/ Ambient2Intro A 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ Ambient2End A 2 bar ending  
./casio/ ElectricPop Electronic Pop Dance Beat  
./casio/ ElectricPopIntro Electronic Pop  
./casio/ ElectricPopEnd Electronic Pop Ending  
./casio/ 16Beat3 A techno-sounding dance beat.  
./casio/ 16Beat3End 2 Bar ending  
./casio/ 16Beat3Intro 4 bar introduction  
./casio/ SoulPop A basic pop, not too soulfull.  
./casio/ SoulPopIntro 4 bar intro  
./casio/ SoulPopEnd 2 bar ending  
./casio/ Swing Basic 4 bar pattern  
./casio/ SwingIntro    
./casio/ SwingEnd    
./casio/ 8BeatDance Good if you are young.  
./casio/ 8BeatDanceIntro A 4 bar intro to the dance.  
./casio/ 8BeatDanceEnd A 2 bar end of dancing.  
./casio/ 8Beat3 Electro-sounding 8beat.  
./casio/ 8Beat3End 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 8Beat3Intro 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ DancePop1 Electronic Dance beat.  
./casio/ DancePop1Intro Electronic Dance beat 4 bar intro.  
./casio/ DancePop1End Electronic Dance beat 2 bar ending.  
./casio/ 16Beat2 A light, arpeggiated dance.  
./casio/ 16Beat2Intro A 4 bar introduction.  
./casio/ 16Beat2End A 4 bar introduction.